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Home stay accommodation

<< Sometimes our home stays are being compared with hotels.
We appreciate that. >>

All our home stay families are carefully selected and offer a high standard. Through our selection criteria we can ensure good standards of comfort and hygeine as well as open hearted families.

bedroom homestay accommodation Sintaxis School - Quito - Ecuador

You will have your own room for your convenience. Some of the rooms offer a private bathroom and most home stay accommodation offers hot water as well.

Home stay accommodation Sintaxis School Quito - Ecuador

The accommodation offered by Sintaxis includes full board and laundry service. The home stays are centrally located and can be reached within 10 to 30 minutes by foot from our School.

bedroom of home stay accommodation Spanish School Sintaxis

If you would prefer to stay in a hotel or hostel during your course, please contact us and let us know your requirements (hotel class or comfort) in order that we can arrange it for you. Sintaxis works with a range of hotels and hostels in order to meet customer requests

spanish school sintaxis (Quito - Ecuador)