Spanish Course in Mindo MTR20

Spanish course in Mindo




Do you want to explore Ecuador? If so, we highly reccomend you this one week course in Mindo. Explore the cloud forest of Ecuador with it's butterflys. This course is also reccommended for for all students that spend several weeks in Ecuador. 

 Spanish course in Mindo - Ecuador (flying teaching program)







Course description 

Do both, learn Spanish and explore Ecuador. This course is further reccommend for all students which decided to join a longer course at Sintaxis and don't want to get bored staying during the whole period in Quito.


1. day: Trip from Quito to Mindo. After Lunch you will have two Spanishclasses privious going out for a walk through beautiful orchide gardens. When you get back to the accommodation you well be tought Spanish for 2 additional hours before dinner.

2. day: straight after your breakfast you can enjoy four hours Spanish classes. After the lunch, you will visit a butterfly farm in Mindo and get back to the accommodation for dinner.

3. day: Breakfast and a small walk to the waterfalls of Tarabita de montaña where you will have lunch (lunch box). In the afternoon you will have you Spanish classes in Mindo. After the Spanish course you will have dinner.

4. day: After breakfast enjoy your Spanish classes, have lunch and go out in the afternoon for a canoe trip in the River of Mindo. Getting back to your accommodation, enjoy your dinner.

5. day: In the morning your Spanish course will take place. After Lunch, trip back to Quito.

One of our teachers from Quito will travel with you to Mindo. He/she teaches you in the and accompanes you for the excursions to the idyllic surroundings of Mindo.

5 days
5 days - 4 lessons per day

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Do both: learn Spanish in Ecuador and explore Ecuador.

You will be accompanied by one of our qualified Spanish teachers and have Spanish classes in Mindo.

In addition to the Spanish lessons you will go every day for an excursion.

1:1 425 US$ (code: MTR20)
2:1 (code: 2MTR20)

The price includes the travelling costs from and to Quito, teaching, accommodation and full board as well as three excursions.